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Indulge in Bliss: Spa Rituals for You and Your Loved Ones

Relaxation Ritual

Duration:1h & 30min

Take a moment to recharge your energy and disconnect, this ritual is perfect for any day of the week, experience a moment of harmony and well-being.


  • Welcome infusion
  • Relaxing massage (40min)
  • Facial mask
  • Pool immersion
  • Glass of wine

PRICE: Two People COP$500.000

Anniversary Ritual

Duration: 2h & 30min

Share with your partner a romantic space decorated to celebrate love, we provide a unique moment full of well-being and relaxation that you will live with your favorite person.


  • Welcome infusion
  • Body exfoliation (15min)
  • Steam bath (10min)
  • Relaxing massage with pindas (45min)
  • Pool immersion (20min)
  • Champagne, fruit bowls
  • Decoration

PRICE: Two People COP$680.000

Birthday Ritual

Duration: 2h & 30min

Enjoy your special day, we will dedicate ourselves to pampering you so that you can live a unique and unforgettable experience, full of harmony and relaxation.


  • Welcome infusion
  • Body scrub with cocoa granules
  • Relaxing massage with chocolate oil (45min)
  • Immersion in the pool
  • Personal cake
  • Fruit bowls
  • Glass of wine
  • Cabin decoration

PRICE: One Person COP$380.000

Bride Delux Ritual

Duration: 2h & 30min

For such a special moment as your wedding, we are going to pamper you a few hours before this big day so that you can experience moments of relaxation, hydration, and well-being.


  • Welcome infusion
  • Body exfoliation with cocoa granules (20 min)
  • Warm wrap with black chocolate mask (10 min)
  • Steam bath (10 min)
  • Energetic massage with cannabis oil (45 min)
  • Deep hydration facial treatment (40 min)
  • Dip in the pool (20 min)
  • Fruit salad
  • Glass of champagne

PRICE: One Person COP$480.000

Spa Kids Ritual

Duration: 1h & 30min

Their happiness is our motivation to do things every day with more love. They will enjoy to the fullest all our experiences, and it will be an unforgettable day for them.


  • Cabin decoration
  • Massage with chocolate oil
  • Chocolate facial mask
  • Dip in the pool
  • Ice cream cup
  • Robes and slippers

PRICE: COP$140.000 per kid (Children under 10 years old)